The Venetian Carnival, Explained

The Venetian Carnival (Carnival of Venice) is an annual festival held in Venice, Italy.

Every year, the city of Venice hosts a giant carnival leading up to Shrove Tuesday. Not only are their masks fun to wear, but they’re one of the most popular attractions in Venice.

What is the Venetian Carnival?

The Venetian Carnival, or Carnevale di Venezia, is one of the most famous carnivals in the world. The carnival is a festival which is celebrated annually in Venice, Italy. It starts on February 17th and ends on February 28th.

The Venetian Carnival has its roots in Roman pagan celebration of Saturnalia, which were brought to Venice during the 4th century by traders from Syria and Alexandria. The tradition then developed into what we know as the modern-day Venetian Carnival.

History of the Venetian Carnival

The Venetian Carnival is a festival in Venice. The carnival usually starts in January or February and lasts until Lent. The Venetian Carnival started in the 12th century, when upper-class people dressed up in costumes to celebrate at parties.

Venice’s Most Iconic Festival in 4K HD Documentary

For the first time in history, Venice’s iconic carnival – one of the world’s most famous festivals – is captured in 4K HD.

The world-famous Venetian Carnival is captured in 4K Ultra HD for the first time ever in history. The film will go on sale ahead of next year’s event, which is expected to be one of the biggest ever.

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carnival mask venice costume italy carnival




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